Dear world,

What I’m currently working on is a letter that I will be sending to the United Nations! I now it sounds kinda out there but I really think that this will definitely help with starting to end this global issue!

Wish me good luck!

Dear world,

As Malala said “ One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” our global
Society needs to understand that education is something worth fighting for. Did you know that children age 5 are 50% more lickly to live ,with an educated parent. 

People in this world think that tangible things are more valuable then intangible things! If you take a second to think about it you will realize that things like your education are way more valuable! If you have an education you can get a job, purchase life nessesities, feed your family ... it’s like the circle of life! If you are educated your children will likely be educated, your grandchildren...

So together we can have change everyone’s circle for the better!

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Charity Update:

letters/emails have been sent to:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Megan and Harry

Farah Mohamed CEO of the Malala fund

Everything benefits from education
don't ever take it for granted 
united we can ensure EVERYONE has access
can you imagine how many people would rise out of poverty if they had access
actions speak louder than words
it is incredibly unimaginable that about 264 million children do not attend school
one book at a time we can do this 
now who's ready to change the world

It started HERE

Dear World,

This is where my journey began!


My action plan

My action plan;
Create a team of changemakers that have the same vision and passion as me.Create a/some goals that we would like to achieve ie. education for ALLReach out to people that can help us Talk to as many people as you can about your passions and visionsCHANGE THE WORLD

Day in a life of a changmaker

Dear world,

As a young person I see the world through a different lens then most people my age. When I am at school brainstorming ideas in math class or in French, I think about how my choices and how I spend my time can have a huge impact on the world. Most people my age drift off about video games and or make up, but not me! I think about changing the world!

At my school I have started a Me to We club. If you don't already know what it is a organization that was started by two of my heroes, Craig and Marc Keilburger. This organization works all over the globe in the areas of education, water,health, food sustainability,and opportunity. Me to WE has been a huge part of my life for the past year! This is because it inspires me to never give up on my dream of starting an organization for access to eduction! Craig and Marc, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

I am so fortunate to have people and organizations in my life that inspire me!

Who/what are some of your inspirations?