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Hows a going? We havent talked in forever. Heres whats been happening in my life:


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Have you ever gone shopping and noticed that a bunch of your clothing is made in places such as India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, or the Philippines? If you ever see any of these countries on the tag of your clothing, it will most likely mean that it is made by someone who is not getting paid enough and who is going through an excruciatingly large amount of labour. Sadly, in most cases, these people are children who could be as young as 7.

Something that my friend and I do together that is fun is shopping. We liked lots of stores but she and I really loved this certain store because everything was SO CHEAP! You could basically get a pair of shorts for 5 dollars. Which young person would not wanna shop at a cheap store with stylish clothing? After shopping there for a while, I thought to myself, how can everything be so cheap. I kept thinking about this for a while. One day I was curious and looked at the tag to see where that piece of clothing was mad…
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Charity update:

~website started

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~ I have also slightly modified the name to EDUCATEthem instead of TEACHthem

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I got a letter back from Megan and Harry!!!

Turning point essay

Dear world,

At school we are working on a turning point essay. I definitely know what I am going to write about.

here is what i have written so far

People lying on the cold, filthy road, wearing outworn clothing and absolutely no shoes. This is the real India. All the fancy five star hotels with luxurious beds, out of this world spas, and crystal clear swimming pools, that is not reality.

When I first saw all the penury I couldn't believe my own eyes! All these things I was reading and seeing on television was actually true. There is a less fortunate world outside of the bubble I live in. Outside of  Canada!

    Malala yousafazi once said “One book,one pen,one child,and one teacher can CHANGE the WORLD. Going to India inspired me to start making the world a better place. This is my story of how.

     On January 9th 2018 I traveled to a school in the slums( impoverished part) of New Delhi to donate school supplies. Before going on my trip, I did some research and I found that almo…
Dear world,

What I’m currently working on is a letter that I will be sending to the United Nations! I now it sounds kinda out there but I really think that this will definitely help with starting to end this global issue!

Wish me good luck!

Dear world,

As Malala said “ One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” our global
Society needs to understand that education is something worth fighting for. Did you know that children age 5 are 50% more lickly to live ,with an educated parent. 

People in this world think that tangible things are more valuable then intangible things! If you take a second to think about it you will realize that things like your education are way more valuable! If you have an education you can get a job, purchase life nessesities, feed your family ... it’s like the circle of life! If you are educated your children will likely be educated, your grandchildren...

So together we can have change everyone’s circle for the better!

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